Literature – The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The Pearl – Summary of Events

Chapter 1 – Day 1 (Early morning)

Event 1

Kino and Juana wake early in the morning.

They have breakfast or corn cakes and pulque.

They see a scorpion coming down the rope that holds Coyotitio’s sleeping box.

Coyotito laughs which shakes the rope.

The scorpion falls, lands on Coyotito’s left shoulder and stings him.  He cries.

Juana picks up the baby and sucks out the poison.

She asks for the doctor.

When told the doctor will never come to the brush houses, she says that they will go to his house.

A procession proceeds to the doctor’s house.


Event 2 – Day 1 (noon)

They arrive outside the gate of the doctor’s house.

The doctor is in his room drinking chocolate and eating sweet biscuit.

His servant opens the gate and talks in Spanish to Kino.

The doctor is angry that he has to treat the poor Mexican-Indian for free.

Kino only has 8 ugly seed pearls.

The servant lies by saying that the doctor has gone to treat a patient.

Kino feels humiliated, the villagers disperse.

Kino strikes the gate with his knuckles.

His knuckles split and blood runs through his split knuckles.

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2 Comments on “Literature – The Pearl by John Steinbeck”

  1. hang Says:

    can i noe how to write a good decision of the pearl?

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